Why We Choose Bamboo

The other day, I was explaining to a friend that I make and sell bamboo sheets for my job.  Coming to terms with what bamboo sheets were and why they were so amazing, he said to me: “ok, sell me on bamboo sheets right now.”

Bamboo Bedding

So all I did was ask him a series of questions, looking for his honest answer.

I asked, “Why did you buy the sheets you have on your bed right now?”

He responded “well my wife wanted them to match the room and the comforter.”

“But that isn’t the only reason is it?  I mean you didn’t just go pick wool sheets, did you?”

“Well they were pretty soft, too” he acknowledged.

Then I replied, “What if you could have your soft sheets, but you could make a difference in the world…and what if they were the same price?”

He responded, “Well then I would obviously do that.”

This is really the core of why Fiber Element is here.  A person can make a difference in the world in many ways.  I could ask labor abroad for others, I could help those in my neighborhood, etc.  A person can rally others to help them in many ways as well: I could ask for donations to help poor kids, (and try to guilt trip you as much as possible while doing it) I could ask big companies to sponsor some service work I could organize for groups, etc.  The problem is, most of us have our charities, and already have a schedule for when we try to help those around us.  Adding another way to serve isn’t really a practical option.

Here is what is practical.  We buy sheets.  Every day we buy sheets.  We buy them in King size, we buy them in high thread counts, and we buy them when we get new beds.  We buy sheets in this country.  Well what if we could turn something mundane and common, into a way to give back.  Enter Fiber Element.  Every time you buy a set of bamboo sheets, you are making a stand.  A stand against chemicals in your land and water.  A stand against deforestation that is destroying our planet.  A stand against CO2 that is ruining our oceans and our ozone.  You are making a stand that in some small way, you are asking for the world to change.

Well who has to change?  Just everyone else that is buying cotton sheets instead of bamboo sheets.  How does bamboo make a difference you ask?  The more people buying bamboo rayon textiles, like bamboo sheets, means there is a higher economic demand for bamboo textiles.  This will inspire (if that’s the right word) people to grow a lot more bamboo forests across the world to supply such demand.  That means millions of acres of bamboo can be grown and fix this dying planet.

Did you know:

  1. Bamboo creates 35% more oxygen than trees.
  2. Bamboo creates 12 times as much timber as trees.
  3. Bamboo uses no chemicals.
  4. Cotton is one of the most chemically thirst plants in the world.
  5. Bamboo requires little water to grow.
  6. Cotton requires an extraordinary amount of water to grow.
  7. Bamboo can grow about 20 times faster than trees – it matures in just 3-5 years.

Did you know that bamboo is more than just our planets healing balm?  It can heal our people as well.  Since bamboo can be used as healthy vegetation and as a multitude of resources and products, bamboo plantations create jobs.  Some of the poorest countries in the world are in Latin America – and their climate is beyond perfect for growing bamboo.  Some of these countries could desperately you the jobs and export volumes that bamboo products can create.  All the while, our planet gets greener and out air gets cleaner.

This is why we do what we do.  Because we have decided that the best way to rally the world to help, is to supply them with something better than what they are currently using, and have it help the world.  Come join us today, buy some bamboo sheets.


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