We Started Fiber Element for Three Major Reasons

We started Fiber Element for three major reasons:

  • We believe in being eco-friendly
  • We believe in the importance of comfort
  • We believe in affordable prices


The Importance of Being Eco-friendly

I was in college when I first started learning about the importance of being eco-friendly.  After my sophomore year of college, I did an internship in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  I had never lived outside the United States before that, or spent any major period of time outside the country for that matter either.  One of my coworkers in Guatemala had invited my roommate and I out to her ranch in the countryside for the weekend.  Leaving the capital city, we were amazed at the beauty of the mountains in the “land of the eternal spring”, as they call it.  As we rounded yet another hill, we came upon a small town.  There was a sign on the hillside that read “NO TIRAR BASURA”, or in English, “don’t litter”.  However, there was so much trash that you couldn’t see the ground, or how tall the sign really was, because the trash was so piled so high and so deep.  Since it was on a hill I couldn’t tell exactly how much it had sloped up.

fiber element

A look at some of the hills we were driving through out of Guatemala City.


This image, an otherwise beautiful hillside completely strewn with trash, has stuck with me ever since.  It has made me realize the importance of making an effort to protect the environment, particularly when it is practical or preferable.  Such is the case with organic bamboo sheets from Fiber Element.  Not only are they eco-friendly (especially in comparison to their cotton counterparts), but they are more comfortable and last longer than cotton and other types of sheets.

The Importance of Comfort

We also started Fiber Element because we believe in the importance of comfort.  It wasn’t until I left for college and had to purchase my own sheets – and of course I opted for the cheapest – that I realized the value of comfortable bedding, and particularly sheets.  My $10 set of sheets from Wal-Mart didn’t last very long, and were scratchy to boot, not to mention that they didn’t have a good thread count for sheets.  I still think that some of my problems with sleeping in college stemmed from a lack of good sheets.

The Importance of Affordability

The primary reason, though, that we started Fiber Element, is because we believe in affordable prices.  If you take a look across the internet and in stores throughout the country, you’ll notice that the majority of organic bamboo sheets are being sold for upwards of $200.  While we can’t offer prices comparable to those of Wal-Mart sheets (because you’re not getting Wal-Mart quality!), we can certainly do better than $200.  It remains my firm belief that when the eco-friendly choice is affordable, it is much easier to make.  And we want to help encourage making the eco-friendly choice, especially when you get quality like you do with Fiber Element.


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