Bamboo Makes the Softest Sheets in the World

If you are looking for a new set of sheets, chances are you are looking for an upgrade; something extremely soft maybe?  Obviously, the softer the sheets, the more comfortable they may be, (but not always more comfortable on your wallet).  So what is a good thread count for sheets?  Usually, a higher thread count means you will be getting a softer product, but when you change fabrics, it becomes a whole different ball game.

Introducing: Bamboo Sheets

You may have heard of bamboo sheets before, but if you haven’t, they make the softest sheets ever.  They are all the rave across America as being the softest possible fabric in the world of bedding.  The fact is, all those people have got it right.  Bamboo represents a new wave in soft bedding.  They really are the softest sheets in the world!  Bamboo is able to be made into a rayon type fiber and beats cotton in softness by a mile.  These fibers can breathe a lot better than cotton too, and keep you an average of 3 degrees cooler at night.  More breathability means you won’t sweat as much, and a nice cool temperature means you will sleep long and deep.

softest sheets

Eco-friendly Bonus

Now if you don’t shop for the sole purpose of saving the planet, then this will come as a bonus.  Making the decision to buy bamboo sheets will do wonders for saving our planet.  Bamboo is a wholly sustainable and renewable plant.  Choosing to buy bamboo products like these will help to reduce the demand of cotton – one of the most chemically pollutant crops in the world.  And if you are from any type of warm, water-conserving location like Southern California, Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, etc., then it will encourage you to know that unlike cotton, (one of the thirstiest crops in the world) bamboo needs very little water to thrive.  Bamboo holds the record as the fastest growing plant in the world, and it produces 35% more oxygen than any trees does.  Bamboo stands alone as a super planet that can help alleviate many of the environmental burdens that our planet faces.

softest sheets

Is Bamboo Right For You?

So if you are looking to buy a new set of sheets, then you only have one choice for the softness and comfortability that you need, and we can just add in that you are promoting one of the best causes.  Bamboo sheets can be extremely expensive online.  Then there are some companies that sell what I like to call “single-ply” bamboo sheets.  Some of the reviews on Amazon mention the sheets being so thin that you can see through them.  Fiber Element sells organic bamboo sheets that are the highest quality, but a very competitive price.  That means you can buy the softest sheets in the world, for a better price than the softest cotton sheets, and you can help the environment.  Say goodbye to greedy people, and say goodbye to polluted soil, water, and air, because you are about to say hello to the best night’s sleep you have had in a long time.



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