I love our new bamboo sheets from Fiber Element they are the softest sheets we have ever owned and I cannot express our happiness in finally finding real bamboo sheets at an affordable price.  Everybody deserves the affordable luxury of these sheets.  You will never regret the purchase, I know I never will.  Thanks Kat and Taylor and we will be ordering more soon.  –Dan, Ohio


We purchased Fiber Element bamboo sheets as a Christmas gift for my mom. After searching many sites, we settled on Fiber Element. The price was right! My mom is beyond happy and describes the sheets as the softest she’s ever had. She’s washed them weekly since December and has not had any problem with pilling, which seems to be a concern with other brands of bamboo sheets. Ordering and delivery were smooth. We even received a personal note from the company thanking us for our order. I will definitely be purchasing another set of Fiber Element sheets but this time for my own bed!  –Gretchen, Kansas


The sheets are fantastic!  I have several bamboo items, including dish towels and a nightgown but this was the first set of sheets (got a set for my mother too) and I am very glad I purchased them.  The fact they are from a renewable source is an added bonus.  –Shannon, Rhode Island


After one night, Jason had already declared them his favorite. They’re so soft and smooth! –Lauren, Massachusetts


My son has now been using your bamboo sheets for 6 months and is completely obsessed with them.  They are so comfortable, and have lasted much better than many other sheets we have used.  We are so happy with them that we are now planning on equipping the rest of the house with the same sheets.  –Miles, California

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