Silk vs Bamboo Sheets – Silkworms? Nah, I’ll Take the Bamboo

I first became interested in bamboo when I purchased a set of bamboo sheets.  They came highly recommended to me by my cousin Allie, who had received a set of bamboo sheets as a wedding present, and raved about them.  Never having heard anyone speak so highly of sheets, I decided it was worth a shot to take the plunge and purchase the (unfortunately) expensive commodity of bamboo sheets.

I stepped into a world of luxury in doing so.  The bamboo sheets were so completely unlike the 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets I had been using up to that point.  They were better.  And they weren’t just a little better, they were better, as in “Kobe Bryant is better than my great grandma is at basketball” kind of better.

I knew that after the first night of sleeping on the bamboo sheets that I would never be able to go back to cotton sheets, or even silk sheets for that matter.  Because while silk is soft, when you think about where silk comes from and where bamboo comes from, you just feel better about the bamboo overall.  Silk comes from worms, and bamboo comes from Mother Earth.  One point for bamboo in the silk vs bamboo sheets contest.

(And by the way, have you ever googled a picture of a silkworm?  Those things are disgusting.  Probably the only thing more disgusting than a silkworm is a silk moth, which is what a silkworm eventually becomes.  Absolutely revolting.  Just in case you’d never had the pleasure of seeing a silkworm in the flesh – dust? – I have included a picture below for your complete and utter revulsion.)

The revolting silkworm.

The revolting silkworm.

A silk moth.

A silk moth.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand – I knew I would never be able to go back to cotton or even silk sheets.  There was something about the bamboo sheets that made me feel as if I was fulfilling some duty of humanity to help save the environment, because bamboo grows so quickly and produces so much more oxygen than the average tree.  Seriously, some bamboos have been recorded as growing more than two feet in a single day – talk about growing pains.  And a grove of bamboo that covers the same square footage of ground as a forest of pine trees produces 35% more oxygen than those Christmas relics.

In addition to the eco-friendly nature of the bamboo sheets, they were unbelievably soft.  Like, I might compare the feeling to a baby rabbit’s fur.  Or to a cloud.  Because even though I’ve never touched a cloud, I would imagine that it would be even softer than the fur of an infant rabbit, softer than a velveteen rabbit.  Basically, it was like sleeping on air.  Like there was no rock hard mattress underneath you, or quite frankly, no five and a half inch foam memory mattress topper for you to suffocate yourself on in the night.  The bamboo sheets literally made me feel like I was sleeping on cloud nine.

And can I also mention how much easier it felt to make the bed in the morning?  I mean usually, making the bed after I eat breakfast just sounds so monotonous and dreary.  But to be able to spend just a little more time fingering the luxuriously soft bamboo sheets was quite a welcoming thought, even at 5:30 in the morning.

And that, my friends, should tell you something.  If you want to want to make your bed in the morning, you should certainly invest in some bamboo sheets.  If you want to feel like you’re sleeping in the sky instead of in your depressing apartment, you should definitely purchase a set of bamboo sheets.  If you want to bond with your Mother Earth, buy bamboo sheets.  But most importantly, if you don’t want to have to deal with the thought of silkworms, do something intelligent and buy bamboo sheets.


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