Problems Sleeping? Try Bamboo Sheets!

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Plenty of people have problems sleeping at night.  Sometimes it’s related to work, sometimes it’s related to illness, sometimes it’s related to relationships – but whatever is causing the problem, having trouble sleeping is a real bummer.  Many people get too hot or too cold at night when they sleep.  This can be especially problematic when sharing a bed – sometimes one bedmate gets too hot at night, and the other is freezing the entire night.

How Bamboo Sheets Can Help You Sleep Better

I’m sure you gleaned from the title of the article that bamboo sheets can help sleeping problems.  Now, obviously this is not completely true, because bamboo sheets can’t eliminate the stresses and problems in your life.  However, by being more comfortable in your own bed, sleep trouble can be decreased.

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Why Will Bamboo Sheets Make You More Comfortable?

I sold a set of bamboo sheets to a friend a while back who had been wanting to purchase a set for a while (before she had even met me), but was always held back by the prices.  So, when she found out about Fiber Element and learned what its prices were, she finally decided to buy a set of bamboo sheets for her husband for his birthday.

Now, as was mentioned previously, bamboo sheets can help you feel cooler or warmer at night, whichever might be your problem.  And it just so happened that this friend, we’ll call her Carol, always felt cold at night, while Carol’s husband always felt hot at night.  So, naturally, I was eager to find out how they would like the bamboo sheets.

Carol called me the day after her husband’s birthday.  She couldn’t wait to tell me that she had felt much warmer the night before and that her husband had felt much cooler!  She couldn’t believe it.  Not to mention how soft bamboo sheets were.  She told me that she couldn’t believe they’d been living without bamboo sheets up to this point, because now that the temperature problems had been solved, surely many of their sleep troubles would be solved as well.

A Theory on Why Bamboo Sheets Regulate Temperature So Well

For anyone that buys luxury sheets, you know already that a higher thread count means that the sheets will be softer.  A quick Google search just now told me that 2,000-thread count sheets probably don’t exist, but I was able to find 1,800-thread count sheets available for purchase on Amazon.

However, clearly having a higher thread count means that more threads were used per square inch in a textile.  Bamboo sheets are known for having a relatively low thread count.  Our bamboo sheets here at Fiber Element have a 300-thread count, although they feel extremely soft and are more comparable to 1,000-thread count cotton sheets.

But, this may well be the secret to the excellent temperature regulating that bamboo sheets are famous for.  Because they have less threads per square inch, they are more breathable, which could explain why those that tend to feel hot at night feel cooler when they use bamboo sheets.

And as for those that tend to feel cold at night and why they might feel warmer when they use bamboo sheets, I have a feeling that that is related to the nature of rayon, which is the term for the type of fabric created by bamboo.

But, like I said, these are just theories, so don’t quote me on them.  Maybe someday we will do some scientific research on all of this to find out real answers.

But for now, just know that bamboo sheets can help alleviate your sleep troubles because they are so comfortable.


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