Choose Bamboo for a Clean Bedroom

It is often difficult to keep a clean bedroom.  But bamboo can help you do that with little extra effort, and in the process, your bedroom will be even more comfortable!


Yes, bamboo, the plant, can in fact be made into sheets.  Or blankets.  Or towels.  Or clothing.  Or any other number of common, everyday items.  And yes, these items are high quality when made out of bamboo, and comfortable as well.  Bamboo sheets are some of the softest sheets in the world.  When I got my first set of bamboo sheets, I had been using 600 thread count, (which is a good thread count for sheets) luxury Egyptian cotton sheets, that were really expensive.  And before I got my bamboo sheets, I thought that my luxury Egyptian cotton sheets were the most comfortable that I’d ever slept on.  However, after just one night of sleeping on my bamboo sheets, I never wanted to go back to my Egyptian cotton sheets ever again.  Nonetheless, I still worried that my bamboo sheets wouldn’t be as soft after going through the washing machine – not so.  They were even softer than they had been before I washed them.

bamboo bedroom

Ok, great, but that doesn’t answer the question of how bamboo can help keep my bedroom clean.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.  From the time that a bamboo shoot emerges from the ground, it reaches its full mature height within about three weeks.  One study even showed that a single shoot grew more than 100 centimeters in just 24 hours.  And, believe it or not, this all happens without pesticides.  Unlike cotton, which needs pesticides in order for it to not be eaten by weevils and other bugs, bamboo grows faster and on its own, making it an ideal plant to harvest for textile use.  Because bamboo is such a renewable resource and grown without pesticides, these are just a couple of reasons that your room can feel cleaner just with the presence of bamboo sheets instead of cotton sheets.

Bamboo rayon

There are plenty of places on the internet where you can read of the evils of bamboo textile manufacturers – the FTC even coined the phrase “bamboo-zling” customers.  All of these companies are upset because so many claim that their bedding, towels, and apparel are made from bamboo, when in fact, they are made from rayon that comes from bamboo.  And what exactly is rayon you might ask?  Rayon is a term that refers to any fabric that has been regenerated from cellulose fibers – in other words, chemicals are used in a process that makes fibers from any given plant softer than they would be on their own.  Because of this, rayon cannot be referred to as a synthetic fabric, since it comes from real plant fibers, from whatever plant one might be producing it with.  However, because it is produced using chemicals, it cannot necessarily be referred to as a truly natural fabric either.  One might argue though that chemicals are natural, and thus rayon fabrics could be referred to as natural as well.  But that is an argument for another day.

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Consequently, most bamboo sheets you will find for sale are made from bamboo rayon – manufactured using chemicals to produce the softest fabrics you will find.  However, this does not take away from the eco-friendly or clean nature of bamboo sheets (made from rayon).  The fact that bamboo grows so quickly and is a renewable resource makes your bedroom clean in and of itself.  Add to that the fact that there is essentially no irrigation needed to harvest bamboo, that’s another reason that bamboo can make your room cleaner.  Additionally, there is no scientific evidence against the fact that the antimicrobial properties of bamboo are not retained after bamboo fibers have been manufactured into rayon.  Which is likely the biggest reason that bamboo can help you keep a clean bedroom.

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