Guest Post: Household Storage Ideas for Smaller Items

Today we have a guest post from our friends at  Check out their site later if you want, it’s a great source of inspiration for interior design and anything related to the home.

In order to create a beautiful and attractive home, it’s important to stay organized. Staying organized with larger items is easy, such as couches, chairs, desks, etc. However, organizing smaller items can be a challenge. Here are some ideas for storing many of those smaller, yet essential, items.

1 Storage ideas for small decorative items


You can buy or build a bookcase for your small decorations. This is great for knick knacks and other small items that don’t take up much room, but that need to be on display to serve their purpose. A bookcase is the perfect way to display these trinkets. When they are placed neatly on the shelves, your home will look more organized and beautiful at the same time.

2 Storage ideas for clothing and accessories

For clothing and accessories, take advantage of racks and other organizers. This is especially helpful for those with many accessories, such as scarves, belts, watches, handbags, etc.  Organize these items in such a way that it won’t take you forever to find what you need when you get dressed in the morning. Put your storage system in your closet so that all of your clothing and accessories will be in the same place, making your life easier.


3 Storage ideas for shoes and handbags

So many of us love to buy lots of shoes, but these can quickly clutter any living space. For easy shoe storage, find a shoe cabinet with lots of shelves. There are lots of different styles of shoe cabinets at various online furniture stores. For handbags, grab a stylish box that will neatly fit all of your handbags and clutches. Keep larger bags on a shelf or simply hang them in your wardrobe.

4 Storage ideas for office supplies

To keep your office supplies on your desk at work uncluttered, use a desk organizer or a mug for your pencils and pens. An organizer will help keep all of your office supplies handy yet neat, so that you can work more effectively.

5 Storage ideas for makeup


There are lots of great options for makeup cases that will hold all of your makeup. Makeup can be a huge source of clutter, with all of the containers and tools coming in all different shapes and sizes. To stay organized and avoid a mess, find a makeup storage case.  The best ones will have lots of little compartments so that you can find whatever you need at a glance.

6 Storage ideas for jewelry

Jewelry is beautiful, and sometimes it seems a shame to house it in a box where you never see it.  That’s why hanging necklaces on the wall can be a great way of staying organized, but also of being able to display your jewelry at all times.  And it’s so easy: just hang a nail or pushpin on the wall and you’re set. Then use a jewelry box to keep your rings, bracelets, and earrings safe.


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