Eco-Friendly Care for Your Bamboo Bedding

Eco-Friendly Care for Your Bamboo Bedding

If you recently switched to bamboo bedding or you are thinking about it, then there are certain things you need to consider. Just like other sheets made out of organic fabrics, bamboo linens require regular maintenance. Bamboo bedding, though, needs to be washed differently from its cotton counterpart, because it is a more delicate fabric. Bamboo viscose is also very different from the cotton fibres. Proper cleaning and care is essential in order to prolong the life of your bamboo bedding that can even last longer than the cotton ones. Here are some eco-friendly tips to keep your bamboo sheets soft and fresh for many years to come.

Eco-Friendly Care For Your Bamboo Bedding

  1. Read the Labels

There is a reason products have care instructions. Some fabrics require special cleaners and maintenance. Before you throw your sheets in the washer, take your time to read the labels. Otherwise you risk permanently damaging your bamboo bedding. Many bamboo blends and 100% bamboo fabrics are prone to shrinking, but some sheets come with pre-shrunk. Generally you should avoid washing your bamboo linen in hot water. Bamboo fibres are naturally cleaner, so even cold water will be effective.

If you don’t have the ability or the time to comply with the restrictions of 100% bamboo, you can consider bamboo blends. It’s best to check the details before proceeding with the cleaning.

  1. Pick the Right Detergent

You may be tempted to use those miraculous cleaning products that bust stains like nothing else and make your whites brighter than the clouds. Unfortunately, these cleaners are bad for both your bedding and the environment. Look for natural, eco-friendly detergents that don’t contain toxic chemicals or make your own detergent. Try out this simple recipe for green powdered laundry detergent:


  • 1 bar of regular soap
  • ½ cup of borax
  • ½ cup of baking soda

Grate the bar soap, add the borax and the baking soda and mix everything well. Store the detergent in an airtight. Use 1 tablespoon for normal loads and 2 tablespoons for larger loads or heavily soiled fabrics.

  1. Check the Washer Temperature

As mentioned earlier, bamboo fabrics should be washed in cool water.   This will also minimize the wear and tear of the fibres, which is also true for other materials. Washing your laundry with colder water keeps the fabrics strong and the colour vibrant.

  1. Skip The Fabric Softener

You don’t really need to use fabric softener for your bamboo sheets, since bamboo fabrics are naturally soft and silky. If you still prefer to apply a softener, be cautious about the type of product you use. Pour a ¼ cup or ½ cup of white vinegar instead. The acute vinegar smell will quickly evaporate, leaving your sheets super soft.

  1. Drying

Line drying is the best method for drying bamboo sheets. If this is an impractical option, loosely fold your bamboo sheets into the dryer. In this way they will be less wrinkled when you take them out later. Set the dryer to the lowest setting .


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