Decor in white – pros and cons

Making home improvements  is never an easy task. There are so many things you have to take into consideration and the worst of all is that there is always something that goes wrong. If you are among these people who are planning to renovate the house but you are in two minds which colour to dominate, why don’t you opt for white? Although some people will disapprove of the usage of while colour for decorating the entire property, we have took the challenging task of presenting you all the advantages and disadvantages decorating in white will bring about. If you do everything right, your will get a really elegant and enchanting “white” property.

White bamboo sheets


  • Believe it or not, there are some stores where the white colour paint is less expensive than all the other colours so if you are planning home improvements on a budget, consider decorating in white.
  • White goes well with every colour. If you have old, worn out furnitures, buy them white slipcovers and they will look terrific regardless of the colour of the interior. And the best of all is that white has so many shades that you will be spoilt from choice. Of course, nobody wants to make their living room look like a patient room in the hospital so choose the shades precisely – ivory, yellow or red undertones etc. – there is plenty of options.
  • If you paint the walls in white, it means that you can basically choose every other colour for decoration. White makes the room looks stunning and combines well with both – warm and cold colours.
  • It is a well known fact that the white colour can expand a space. In case you are living in a small sized apartment, don’t hesitate to paint the walls in white. It will help you make the room looks visually larger. White creates the impression of brightness and neatness.


  • Many people consider it boring. Well, admittedly white is not appropriate for every property. According to some surveys cheerful, out going people would never choose white decorations. They consider them to be pale and dull.
  • Although white is commonly associated with cleanliness, the truth is that maintaining a white surface clean is a hundred times more difficult than keeping a dark coloured item clean not to mention the efforts you have to make in order to preserve the original white colour. It is a well known fact that as the time passes the white loses it’s brightness and looks like pale yellow. You should hire a company like Perfect Cleaning Arkey to take care for your white décor.
  • White walls and furniture are not the best option if you have kids or pets at home. As we have already mentioned, white furniture is not easy to clean and you are probably not eager to clean drawings from the walls and have your snow white sofa covered in stains that are impossible to be removed. You’d better opt for a darker décor and save yourself all the issues.

At the end of the day, it all depends to your personal preferences. Bear in mind that if you choose white for your home decoration, you have to be prepared to clean it on regular basis. Smoking in the room is absolutely prohibited as the while will turn into yellow in no time.

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages, white remains a colour that never gets out of fashion. Combination of black and white will create a nice atmosphere and stylish look of your room. It is a preferred décor by many famous designers. Be creative and proactive and make


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