Bamboo Plantations Abroad in Central America

Recently, Chicago based EcoPlanet has hit a striking goal in their company timeline: the acquisition of 10,000 acres of land.  The aim of EcoPlanet is to acquire degraded pastureland and refurbish it with bamboo forests.  With the purchase of a 3,435 acre farm in San Jose, Nicaragua, EcoPlanet has finally hit the 10,000 acre mark.  EcoPlanet has spanned its investments across Central America and South Africa.

EcoPlanet is currently the largest supplier of bamboo as a raw material outside of China.  This is an important step in providing companies in North America with green materials, aiding the growing eco-friendly trend.  The main destination for most of the bamboo grown on these plantations will be companies in search of timber and other construction materials.  Recently, American construction companies or lumber suppliers have come under increasing pressure from cutting old growth forests.  EcoPlanet is making a bold step in alleviating the pressure to provide timber for construction.

Along with the purchase of this farm will come the addition of 250 permanent jobs, and then a lot of seasonal ones.  In countries facing abject poverty and not a lot of room for specialization, these bamboo plantations give prosperity a bright horizon.  These plantations allow jobs for farmers, while supplying the resident country with an export product in heavy demand.  Further specialization within the country enables even more opportunities for economic growth.  Bamboo textiles such as bamboo blankets, bamboo sheets, and organic blankets will allow more companies in America to purchase non-Chinese products.

Many of these plantations feature conservations areas where tropical forests now stand.  It is impressive just what EcoPlanet is doing for the environment in these different locales.


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