Bamboo Furniture Cleaning Tips

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Bamboo is a great option when it comes to equipping your home with attractive furniture. It has a certain charm to it, because it looks great both inside your home and outside as well. However, if you’re considering this option, it’s important to recognize the cleaning it requires. Bamboo Furniture Cleaning Tips2

Bamboo isn’t a true wood; it is technically a type of grass. This is why it has such notable strength and pliability. It requires very little in terms of maintenance and cleaning service. However, you should remember that both water and excessive dryness can harm your bamboo furniture. Dampness can lead to mold, which can harm the material in many ways. Alternatively, dry air can strip it of its natural oils. In order to keep your bamboo furniture in tip top shape, you can consider the following tips on upkeep and ways to preserve the color, durability and form of your furniture:

  • Carefully position your bamboo furniture outside – if you acquire bamboo furniture to place outside of your home, you have to be careful where you put it. As was already mentioned, water is the number one enemy of bamboo. Place it out of reach of your sprinkler and where rain will not wet it.
  • Maintain the luster of bamboo – this can be done by rubbing the furniture with linseed or furniture oil that is designed especially for this material. Do this every month or two and this will keep the bamboo from cracking, especially if it is located indoors where humidity is low.
  • General cleaning – if there is one furniture cleaning tip you should know, it is that you should always deal with accumulated dust before you move on to more specialized cleaning. For bamboo specifically you can use a brush and vacuum cleaner. When that takes care of the dust, then wash with a sponge and a cloth.
  • Use mild soapy water for general cleaning – avoid using strong cleaning solutions on your bamboo furniture, as those can easily damage it and discolor the sheen. Instead focus on furniture cleaning with soapy water and soft cloth or sponge. Deal with the excess water and gently wipe the wood.
  • Quickly deal with stains – accidents happen sometimes, and it is very important to act fast then. If there is a liquid spill or other type of stain on your bamboo, clean it quickly so that it does not set.
  • Allow bamboo to dry before using it – wet bamboo is softer and more pliable. Avoid using the furniture when it is damp as this can cause it to warp and sag easily.
  • Counter mold – if you notice mold on your bamboo furniture, you have to take countermeasures. Scrub with a sponge or an old toothbrush to remove the mold and then dry to cut recurrent growth.
  • Fix cracks – your bamboo furniture can develop small cracks in time. You can fix those by using very fine grit sandpaper to sand the problem area. Apply paste wax after that to recondition the color.

Bamboo Furniture Cleaning Tips

Bamboo furniture can remain beautiful and usable for many years to come, if you take proper care of it. Do consider these tips as they can truly help you clean and maintain your bamboo furniture for long time. For more ideas, visit Cleaners Up Ltd.

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