Quick Tips for Cleaning Bamboo Decor

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You like the exotic, so you made yourself a bamboo fence, and even added some bamboo furniture to your home. Wait, why not make everything bamboo? Add a bed, some decorations, a few sticks here and there, and maybe even plant some in the garden. Then a friend tells asks you about how you maintain such a décor. Don’t look puzzled. Of course bamboo needs special attention and a different type of cleaning – you can’t just add cleaning products to a cloth and go wild. Bamboo is more grass than wood, and while it doesn’t require your attention too often, you should nevertheless be aware of what you should do come spring cleaning. Here are some quick tips on the matter.

  • Don’t expose the bamboo to too much water. This is the main problem with people growing the plant. They water it once too often, which, ironically, leads to it drying up. Watering it too often or surrounding it with damp objects, or leaving it dank, eventually leads to the appearance of mold which degrades the plant’s quality. So if you have outdoor bamboo furniture, be ready to take them to a sheltered place when the rain starts falling.
  • Just like you would do to any other type of furniture during a house cleaning, first dust and wipe the bamboo surfaces before you apply cleaning products or water.
  • Use soapy water for the actual cleaning. Some people do carpet cleaning this way, take their advice, apply some soap to a damp cloth or sponge, and wipe down all the dirt from your bamboo décor. Strong cleaning products will potentially damage bamboo surfaces.
  • Clean stains from bamboo surfaces immediately. After all, bamboo is, above all, grass, and will absorb stains quickly, leaving a permanent mark.
  • Wait for the bamboo to dry up before using. If you have a bamboo chair and you cleaned recently, don’t immediately sit on it. Again, bamboo is hard grass. Wet or dank bamboo becomes softer and it will bend. If it does, after drying, it will become permanently warped. Avoid that by having some patience before sitting down.
  • Be wary of cracks on the bamboo’s surface. It is possible for the material to crack, so be ready to mend it with some sandpaper and wax. Fill in the cracks with grit, after that apply the wax to fix any discoloration that might have occurred.

Guide to Cleaning Bamboo Décor

If you are not sure about doing this yourself, ask a cleaning company to maintain it. Professional cleaners will know how to keep your bamboo décor clean, but you still need to be mindful of not making their job too hard. Take care of the bamboo so that it could continue giving your home that new look of a fresh garden which you so desired. For more ideas: https://oneoffcleaning.com/.

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