Bamboo Sheets Vs. Cotton Sheets

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When you consider having luxurious sheets and really nice, soft bedding, the first thing that comes to mind is cotton sheets for the most part. Recognized for durability and softness, this type of bedding is often one of the best choices out there for those who look for the best in sleeping comfortably. There is however a new contestant in the ring, something that offers a different approach to bedding you could not otherwise find on your own and that is bamboo bedding. Let’s talk about how the two fabric types compare to each other in the long run. As one of the major selling points of both surfaces, house cleaning and upholstery cleaning has to be kept in mind as well. Egyptian cotton is considered the most luxurious of cotton surfaces, considered the softest ones there are out there with a slippery surface, while bamboo sheets have a soft and silky, but non-slippery surface. Let’s compare both up ahead:

  • Comparing comfort

Cotton is a breathable fabric that helps absorb water as we all know which makes it a very classic but useful solution for bedding. Cotton also has the ability to generate really long fibers, which makes it ideal for higher thread counts on the sheets themselves. Higher thread counts mean softer sheets with higher durability over the course of time.

Bamboo Sheets Vs Cotton Sheets

On the other hand bamboo sheets are more breathable than cotton, allowing them the ability to absorb moisture and to not adhere to the body even in the hottest of temperatures. These sheets will also have natural thermal regulation abilities due to the sheets being warmer during winters and cooler during the hot season.

  • Comparing health properties

Bamboo sheets have antibacterial properties as well as being hypoallergenic, preventing the user from certain allergies out there. Since it is organic it is also preferred by people suffering from asthma and general lung-related issues. The use of bamboo fiber sheets is safe due to them being resistant to bacteria buildups. The bamboo sheets will also be resistant to dust mites, pathogens and general bugs, also making them easier during house cleaning and washing sessions. Cotton may not have the same benefits as bamboo, but it does happen to be gentle to the skin.

  • Comparing the environment

Bamboo sheets are soft and luxurious, but also very sustainable, since bamboo is a fiber that is both rapidly renewably and it produces more fiber per acre than its rival cotton. When it comes down to bamboo you can also count on it not needing pesticides and agricultural chemicals to be grown.

On the other hand cotton is one of the most pesticide needy crops on the surface of our planet, making it very toxic to the environment around it due to the way it is grown and farmed around the world.

  • Final assessment

Who do you think wins the battle, cotton or bamboo? The decision is up to you, as it will be something that is a question of personal preference. Both of these materials can be used and house cleaning and general upholstery cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently.

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