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As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Fiber Element will be donating 5% of every sale to charity.  We asked for suggestions as to which charities we should give our proceeds to, and after researching and evaluating, we decided to give to none of them.

Instead, Fiber Element will save 5% of every sale and choose a group once enough money has been saved – and to not only donate money, but time as well.

For instance, the first charity we will be donating to will be Door of Faith Orphanage in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico.  Door of Faith is a home for about 100 kids at any given time.  After we save up enough money, we will either choose to take down needed food and supplies to the orphanage, or else we will build a house so that a family doesn’t have to send its kids to Door of Faith, but can instead stay together.

door of faith orphanage

Door of Faith Orphanage in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico. Photo courtesy of wolmarysville.org.

After we work with Door of Faith, we will find another charity/group/organization that we want to work with (and donate both time and money) and save for that excursion.  We will be sure to take pictures of our trip to Door of Faith and let you know where we will be giving next.

door of faith orphanage

Door of Faith Orphanage logo.

Fiber Element believes strongly in the importance of giving back, and we are excited to say that this is a way that we can give back in a bigger way, rather than just sending money.

And, rather than giving to just one charity every time, choosing a different charity every time is a way to do good for more groups than just one.

So, buy a set of sheets today.  Not only will you sleep better at night and be protected from bacteria, but you will be donating to a greater cause when you purchase bamboo sheets from fiberelement.com.

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