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Bamboo Fibers – Softest Sheets in the World

Bamboo has been used by humanity for thousands of years, but its fibers have only recently entered the textile industry of Western culture. Today bamboo is used to create fibers with amazing properties and characteristics. They are used for a wide range of purposes around the world. Many properties are reminiscent of cashmere and rayon, with its softness and fluid grace. The fabric is eco-friendly and antibacterial by nature, but the most important part is that bamboo is a renewable resource, which makes its yarn production an easy and environmentally safe option. The fabric cools and breathes much more efficiently in hot weather as well.

The world of fashion looks for more ways to incorporate materials into their efforts and vision, from traditional folk fashion with handmade textiles to synthetic fabrics with a modern, sleek look. One of the visionary approaches includes using washi (Japanese handmade paper) and bamboo, where coats and pants are made with fabrics with bamboo fibers. Bamboo fiber clothes are getting more popular as time goes by, showing up around department stores and boutiques. The manufacturing process make sure the resulting textiles are very breathable and absorbent, making them perfect for summer clothes and selling them for pretty much the same price as ordinary clothes. The better part of the deal here however is that clothes made from bamboo textiles are extremely versatile due to the fabric involved. It can be used towels, bathrobes, mats, bed clothes, decoration around the home and so much more.

Bamboo fibers and fabrics are made by the pure fiber yarns of bamboo, which are excellent at moisture vapor transmission, and have a nice, soft feel. The materials can be used for sanitary purposes such as surgical clothes, nurse ear, absorbent pads, food packaging, masks and bandages as well as fashion and decoration purposes. Due to its natural sterilization and antibacterial properties, this is an excellent material used for a wide range of purposes, such as organic bamboo sheets. Due to their ultraviolet-proof nature, they are also used quite a bit in the decoration industry. With the slow, but steady deterioration of our atmosphere and the UV radiation out there, these natural materials are becoming ever more useful in protecting our homes from the sun’s harmful rays. Curtains and wallpapers made from bamboo fiber can absorb UV radiation, thus protecting us against it to an extent. The most important thing about bamboo decorating is that the products used will never go moldy due to dampness due to its natural fungal resistance. Whether its curtains, couch and TV covers, tablecloths and wallpapers – they will all be safe from the stains of mold and mildew. For more interesting tips: Commercial Cleaning Service Islington.

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