Bamboo makes the softest sheets ever!

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Bamboo really makes the softest sheets, and we want you to know why.  Bamboo has so much depth as a resource, textile, and fabric, that it brings an even more wonderful feeling than just being unbelievably soft and luxurious.


softest sheets

From its natural beginning, everything about this grass is amazing, (and its a grass, not a plant or a tree, amazing right?).  Bamboo can grow to some pretty incredible heights, but it is the speed that really makes you gasp.  Bamboo can grow up to 3 feet per day.  In fact, it takes less that 3 years for bamboo to grow to full maturity, in which in can be harvested.  Think about all of the deforestation problems across the world.  Keep thinking….now remember that an entire forest could be regrown in 3 years with bamboo.  Incredible.  Bamboo can even be made into paper.  It can be made into a house.  It can even be made into a luxuriously soft bed sheet set.  Bamboo even grows 12 times denser than regular trees, meaning that it can produce 12 times as much timber per acre than trees.  That is a lot more paper, or houses, or sheets!

softest sheets

Bamboo does more than just grow.  This hard working grass can actually pump our oxygen with 33% more efficiency than trees.  In the days of car and power plant pollution pumping to all time highs, we could really use all of the environmental air filters we can, and bamboo happens to do it best.

The only question we have is: what are you sleeping on.  If its not doing all of this for the world…then maybe you should switch.  Half the Sky, a book written by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, discusses how sweat shops and hard factory life in poorer countries is traditionally though to be bad thing by the American masses.  However, these two authors and researchers studied how such industrial settings offer jobs and prosperity to the women of the poor countries overseas.  The alternatives for these women have traditionally been sexual abuse/slavery and field work in which they are paid less than male counter parts.  However, in textile or other factory settings, women are preferable because of their hardworking nature and smaller hands.  If my description seems insufficient, go read the book.  Suffice it to say, when you support bamboo products, you support companies all over the world bringing prosperity and jobs to women who otherwise are doomed to a life of debauchery and gloom.

So what are you sleeping on?  Is it doing its part to help the globe, and counteract the negative effects of humans, or is it further poisoning our ground waters with insecticides, and herbicides, and pesticides?


When you find out where it comes from, you find out that your bamboo sheets are truly, going to be the softest sheets you own.

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