Do sheets make a difference to rest?

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When people can’t rest or sleep, they may hyper-focus on being physically uncomfortable.
That makes sense. If you don’t feel enveloped by the cocoon of your bed, your mind gets busy trying to fix what feels bad. That busy mind keeps you from letting go into relaxation, or into Restful Insomnia.
The environment can either distract or support our ability to rest. Even my late husband—who could have slept on a freeway meridian—made sure the sheets were just right when he went to bed. He wanted them soft, folded over the blankets, and to keep the chill off his shoulders.
I felt the same way, especially during some irritating insomnia in the cold of winter. I spent way too much time adjusting sheets, but I had to start all over again once I reached for a tissue or adjusted the pillow. Could be that my well-worn sheets needed to be replaced.
Sheet shopping can be overloading—cotton, organic cotton, micro-fiber, flannel, and more. I had just been through this when I sent my daughter off to college, and none of these sheets seemed worth the effort to buy.
Until I found these wonderful organic bamboo sheets online. When I got them, I knew the choice was right.
These bamboo sheets create an amazing comfy cocoon for rest: soft, laying gently on the body, just right coverage between the blankets to feel surrounded by comfort. And did I say soft? (I don’t get any income from Fiber Element—just liked the sheets so much I wanted to share.)
How did having these sheets help me rest? First, they reminded me that I value letting go at night. Second, they enveloped me in comfort. And third, they helped quiet my mind—I was no longer on alert for how to handle and arrange my bed perfectly.
When you take care to create an environment to support rest, you are setting the stage for the renewal you need. And these sheets are a lovely way to descend into rest.

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