Cleaning Bamboo Floors

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Carpet cleaning, floor cleaning in general, upholstery cleaning and other aspects of domestic cleaning are an integral part of life, but not all floors are the same and they require a different approach. Bamboo floors are well regarded for their durability and strength, but while they do stand strong against the test of time, they still need to be properly cleaned if you want them to last longer. The following examples of how that can be achieved will give you more information you can count on:

  • Remove all dust and dirt from it, as it will only take away the shine. Using a fine fiber broom or a simple dust mop will remove loose dirt from the floors. You need to keep the floor dry if you want to ensure it will be clear of dirt. If you keep walking on it the dust will only make a bigger mess than it needs to be.
  • Mop you floors using a water and vinegar mix of 1:4 as a ratio, which will become an excellent cleaning agent for your floors. You may also work on using hardwood floor cleaners as well with a sponge mop, but avoid letting it get too wet. Dry the floor with a towel as soon as possible when you’re done.
  • Whenever you have spills, use a cloth to clean it up. Simply use a spray bottle with vinegar solution and dry the area as fast as you can.

Cleaning Bamboo Floors

  • Polish to keep streaks away, especially if you want to keep them out in the long run. Make sure you avoid using oil-based cleaners as they will only leave the floors looking worse.
  • Never scratch your floors, carefully place items down instead and use felt or coasters under furniture to avoid drag marks and worse.
  • You need to pay special attention to wearing shoes on a bamboo floor. Shoe marks will leave dirt and dust on the wood, so you need to be careful about it, especially if you wear heels. Mats and rugs in doorways will help protect the area from harm, just make sure you clean them on a regular basis if you want to keep the area looking good.
  • Deal with stains as quickly and efficiently as possible, as they will be a problem if left alone for longer periods of time. Never scrub the floor or you will ruin the finish, use soft cloths and mops instead.
  • Take steps to keep discoloration from your bamboo floors. Hang curtains or blinds on your windows to stop prolonged exposure to sunlight as it will fade the colors of your floor.
  • Buffing the wood with a buff sander if the floor becomes dull will help restore its luster, but in the end you will need to avoid using oil cleaners or waxing it. You should look for more information with the manufacturer of your floor if you want to be efficient about cleaning it. For more ideas: Carpet Cleaning in Catford.

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