Brilliant Ideas for an Attractive Bamboo Garden Fence

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Bamboo fences tend to be a lot more than simple decorations for a garden – it allows incredible privacy if you make it work. There are many design options you can work with, but you will need to choose a specific one that allows you to make the most of what you have going with your garden space.

Brilliant Ideas for an Attractive Bamboo Garden Fence

Bamboo is a large type of hard grass that grows over ten meters high. There are over a thousand species of bamboo around the world today, but what really makes it amazing is the fact that it happens to be pretty light and resistant to frost. This makes it a very cost effective solution to deal with your fencing, making it cheaper than metal or wooden varieties. There are many possibilities with bamboo on the market, both in size and types as well as diameters that you can make use of, especially since they have prefabricated elements or other ways you can make a good fence. Individual parts can be easily assembled on site and you can make it all happen without too much issues involved. The following tips will give you more ideas you can use to make it a reality, presenting three styles of bamboo fences that are used around Japan. Often used in Japanese gardening, typical garden fences made from bamboo are called sukashi-gaki, low fences used to keep the world out with a set of old-time bamboo crafting techniques:

  • Kinkakuji-gaki

A fairly simple fence you can make yourself that includes horizontal and vertical arrangements of bamboo on a jointed bamboo mounting. They are simple as a design, allowing you to have a fence that is both easy to make and lower on necessary resources if you want to succeed in keeping a good fence around your property.

  • Yotsume-gaki

Another type of fence, this time with a bit more to it as it presents a pedestrian rail and a pathway fence with possibility of a latticework built into the design itself. They are exactly as practical as any other fence, but they have an unmistakable natural charm due to its soft colors and strength, making it a great fit for any outdoor situation you need to use them in. In Japan, the Yotsume-gaki are often used as dividers across the garden, separating the outer and inner areas of the entire space you need to work with. They can be complemented with a set of low shrubs or plants near the base of the fence or even with climbing vines all around so the latticework can be utilized in your final design.

  • Take-gaki

Another traditional Japanese bamboo solution, in essence a short, diamond shaped lattice fence built with paths in mind, directing traffic around the backyard and front yard on its intended paths, but easily passed if the need arises. Excellent if you want to have a good, orderly garden space with clearly defined areas.

You can find more detailed information on how these fences are made online, or you can find them ready for purchase by many companies that offer landscaping and gardening solutions as well. Article provided by: Wandsworth reliable landscaping company.

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